domenica 30 settembre 2012

English Learning And Translingual Education

Learning a second language is rather easy when you are still in the language learning process.
Living in a foreign country normally helps, because you are forced to put up with what you know and stick to that language in order to communicate with others. Which is the sole purpose of a language.
The earlier you start in life the better. There is a specifica area in the brain that allows thoughs to structure according to a specific grammar, which can be "extended" to multiple languages if you do this early enough. The more you wait the harder it gets. This means that people learn to "think" in a specific language, just like we train to do maths whenever we need to quantify experience.

There's a huge number of resources available on the net. We just need to get to know and use them.

First of all, google chrome has two fundamental extentions, which you must install:

Google Dictionary (by Google)View definitions easily as you click on a word and highlight it.
Google Translate (by Google)Translates entire webpages into a language of your choice.

Now you should be able to understand what is written on this page, even if you don't understand English, and this is a huge enabler to gain access to the immense flow of information on the web.
Let's call this ability translingual web browsing, crossing language barriers. However, since crossmediatic has been renamed into transmediatic. Let me call the ability to cross language barriers to get access to education, the translingual education ability.

You have it now, the entire world resources are open at your fingertips. the free EFL / ESL course for beginners and beyond! check what i'm telling you, right now i'm getting some german training on busuu, and it looks just great to me.
The idea, however, is that kids should start learning english or any other foreign language as soon as possible, like being able to watch cartoons in english and practice grammar in a game-like context.
Using facebook timeline to capture leaning units, a complete training program can be layed down and the progress can be recorded in the comments. If necessary, it's a matter of click to go back and get some more practice on past activity. Exercises can be written also in the comments, allowing a tutor to check them remotely or whenever possible.

This is what I am doing with my daughter and progress so far has been fun. Have a go at it!!

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