venerdì 26 ottobre 2012

Ebook Editor - Sigil


— Sigil: The EPUB Editor —
Welcome to the all-new Sigil 0.6.0. This completely updated release of Sigil is the result of countless hours of volunteer effort to create the most amazingly stable, powerful, and fast version of the best EPUB 2 editing software available. See What's New for a list of updated features.
This documentation is in the process of being updated for 0.6.0 over the next few weeks and many of the new features and actions have not been added or updated yet.
Download and read all about Sigil online:
Help with Sigil is available from users and the developers at MobileRead:
This Sigil User Guide includes documentation that will help you get the best out of editing your EPUB, including:
  • Installation: installing Sigil on Windows, MAC and Linux
  • Features: the complete description of all of Sigil's features
  • Tutorials: step by step guides for common activities in Sigil
  • FAQ: frequently asked questions about Sigil
  • Contributing to Sigil: how to support Sigil
The main Sigil screen:

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