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Cisco Annual Report - Sep 2009
John Chambers

“True leadership means being comfortable navigating situations that make
most people very uncomfortable. Positioning Cisco for future growth in a
declining economic environment is one of those situations. The challenges we
face and the decisions we make will define the future. It is also how we learn.”
— John Chambers, Chairman & CEO

Fiscal 2009 was an extraordinary year by any
measure. Worldwide economic turmoil affected
countries, companies, and households.
At Cisco,
we were not immune to the challenges, nor were
our customers. Yet in spite of the global reduction
in capital spending, we knew this was our time.
network—with its ability to provide information,
efficiency, and control—would be crucial to solving
some of the most complex problems our customers
had ever faced.

Vision /
The Network as the Platform for Life’s Experiences
Throughout the world, our customers faced significant,
strategic decisions in fiscal 2009. Cisco was no
different. We moved quickly and decisively at the
beginning of 2009 to align our business with the most
compelling market opportunities. We prioritized five
business objectives: 1) building a next-generation
company capable of forging next-generation customer
relationships; 2) focusing on collaboration and Web
2.0 tools
, both internally and externally, to maximize
productivity and speed decision making
; 3) enabling
data center virtualization to reach levels of scale and
efficiency that were previously unheard of; 4) readying
all of our products and solutions for the escalating
use of video
; and 5) expanding our reach through the
globalization of our enterprise.

The networking and information technology market
was clearly in transition, but capturing market
transitions is what Cisco does best. We believe
the network as a strategic asset has never been
more relevant. Cisco products and solutions enable
business and government transformation, healthcare
connections, improved education, and a richer
consumer experience. The Internet is everywhere.
Providing products and solutions to enable more
robust video delivery is key to Cisco’s differentiation.
It may have seemed a lofty statement years ago when
we said that the network will change the way people
work, live, play, and learn.
Now more than ever, our
vision is becoming reality.

Closing Thoughts /
25 Years and Counting
When I reflect on the multitude of companies and
competitors that Cisco has encountered in its 25-year
history, I am proud of our company’s history of growth
and constant innovation. Cisco leads the world in
development of networking technology, and has
expanded its relevance in the communications and
IT industry over time. From the first rudimentary
routers to today’s virtual machines, striving for product
leadership has been the foundation of each chapter
in Cisco’s history. Listening to customers to help solve
their most challenging problems will always be part
of our DNA.

Cisco is in the midst of one of the greatest market
transitions that our industry has ever seen. Customers
are realizing the potential that collaborative business
models and network-enabled Web 2.0 technologies

can have on their businesses and in their lives. We
are thrilled to pioneer those applications with our
customers and our employees as we strive to make
Cisco a company that is “best in the world and best
for the world.” The 65,000 faces of Cisco inspire me
every day. I look forward to sharing the next chapter
of this journey with you.

John T. Chambers
Chairman & CEO
September 2009

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