giovedì 30 settembre 2010

Smart Education

Una vera miniera di risorse...

Smart Technologies (NASDAQSMT) (TSXSMA) is a publicly traded company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1987 by partners David Martin and Nancy Knowlton, Smart Technologies is best known as the developer of the Smart Board. As of January 2010, Smart Board interactive whiteboards lead the interactive whiteboard category with a 60.9% share in the United States, 63.5% in the UK, 61.8% in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), 77.9% in Canada and 48.2% market share globally.[1][2] On July 15, 2010 placed an initial public offering (IPO).[3]
As of November, 2009, Smart Technologies has received more than 15 awards,[4] including the 2009 EdNET Pioneer Award[5] and the 2009 Communicator Award.[6] In 2004, the company was awarded 2004-2007 Worlddidac[7] Quality Charter (WQC) accreditation, a status which was received again for the 2007-2010 term.[8]

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